Tuesday, January 8, 2008

-The Big Choice- ...its up to you!!!

Grace for the Moment - Max Lucado

God's invitation is clear and nonnegotiable. He gives all and we give him all. Simple and absolute. He is clear in what he asks and clear in what he offers. The choice is up to us. Isn't it incredible that God leaves the choice to us? Think about it. there are many things in life we cant choose. We can't for example, choos the weather. We cant control the economy.
We cant choose whether or not we are born with big nose or blue eyes or a lot of hair. We cant even choose how people respond to us.
But we can choose where to spend eternity. The big choice, God leaves to us. The critical decision is ours.
That is the only decision which really matters. It's up to us.

Tea For Two (a self-check)

In our life, we often tend to be feeling "important" to others. We have this thinking; "without me, you are nothing". We always want to be the boss in everything we do. We can't even afford to accept others opinion or follow other's orders because we believe that we are the master. Master of our own lives and need not to be reprimanded. We seize the day for our own interest that's why we came out either winners or losers because we're not careful in taking steps cause we think we're right. Sometimes, we came out hurting others because we wanted to have our own first for self-satisfaction and not insuring other's feelings if they were hurt or not. We made mistakes but we never learn from it because we can't accept failures and often ignore the lessons learned from the experienced. We, human beings act like this because we compete with others. No one can deny the fact that human beings in nature has this sense of high-pride and envious character. Why can't we just stay our feet on the ground and wait for our turn. Why can't we just accept good opinions and learn from our mistakes? Why can't we just hold ourselves and start with a gradual yet assured self-development process? Why can't we do these things? These things contribute harmony! Right? Why can’t we just do these in our own selves? Could we make it through? Or we are just afraid to fail in doing all of these. Is this what you feel right now? Are we afraid? Or just being lazy. Keep in mind that we, humans, the great Homo sapiens are the most strongest and intellectual living thing in this vast world. We are so busy in technology transformation, we advance in studies in life and applied science, we are known to be wizards in numbers and figures, we create history, we even change the face of history, we study life and even attempt to create human beings, we explore the outside world, we are fun of naming things ;scientific things, we value education, we study ones character, we scrutinize values, we dig in dogma and doctrines, we study cultures, attitudes, personality, heaven and earth and life and death. BUT STILL, we remain CLUELESS because though we find in ourselves the valuable intellect, we never accept and change the principles of life and the perspective of our own. LEARNING IS INCREASING BUT HUMANS ARE DYING. Why? Ask yourself, are you making every effort for a change? - A REAL CHANGE? Yah, you may think its corny or something nonsense but in what way are you going to contribute for a change? Or maybe never... ask yourself, and know yourself... Treat yourself a tea for two and check it out...